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Ccna exam answers

CCNA 1 (v5.1 + v6.0) Chapter 1 Exam Answers 2019 – 100% Full

We will update answers for you in the shortest time. Thank you! We truly value your contribution to the website. What are three characteristics of a peer-to-peer network?

Choose three. Explain: Because network devices and dedicated servers are not required, peer-to-peer networks are easy to create, less complex, and have lower costs. Peer-to-peer networks also have no centralized administration. They are less secure, not scalable, and those devices acting as both client and server may perform slower.

Which device performs the function of determining the path that messages should take through internetworks? Explain: A router is used to determine the path that the messages should take through the network. A firewall is used to filter incoming and outgoing traffic.

A DSL modem is used to provide Internet connection for a home or an organization. What two criteria are used to help select a network medium from various network media? Choose two. Explain: Criteria for choosing a network medium are the distance the selected medium can successfully carry a signal, the environment in which the selected medium is to be installed, the amount of data and the speed at which the data must be transmitted, and the cost of the medium and its installation.

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Explain: Applications on end devices generate data, alter data content, and are responsible for initiating the encapsulation process. Explain: End devices originate the data that flows through the network.

Intermediary devices direct data over alternate paths in the event of link failures and filter the flow of data to enhance security. Network media provide the channel through which network messages travel.

Which area of the network would a college IT staff most likely have to redesign as a direct result of many students bringing their own tablets and smartphones to school to access school resources? Explain: An extranet is a network area where people or corporate partners external to the company access data. An intranet simply describes the network area that is normally accessed only by internal personnel.

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A college wireless LAN is most likely used by the tablet and smartphone. A wireless WAN would more likely be used by college students to access their cell provider network. An employee at a branch office is creating a quote for a customer. In order to do this, the employee needs to access confidential pricing information from internal servers at the Head Office. What type of network would the employee access?

Which two connection options provide an always-on, high-bandwidth Internet connection to computers in a home office? Which two Internet connection options do not require that physical cables be run to the building?

Explain: Cellular connectivity requires the use of the cell phone network. Satellite connectivity is often used where physical cabling is not available outside the home or business. Which term describes the state of a network when the demand on the network resources exceeds the available capacity? Explain: When the demand on the network resources exceeds the available capacity, the network becomes congested.

A converged network is designed to deliver multiple communication types, such as data, video and voice services, using the same network infrastructure.We will update answers for you in the shortest time. Thank you! We truly value your contribution to the website. Refer to the exhibit.

Assuming that the routing tables are up to date and no ARP messages are needed, after a packet leaves H1, how many times is the L2 header rewritten in the path to H2?

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Explain: H1 creates the first Layer 2 header. The R1 router has to examine the destination IP address to determine how the packet is to be routed. If the packet is to be routed out another interface, as is the case with R1, the router strips the current Layer 2 header and attaches a new Layer 2 header.

When R2 determines that the packet is to be sent out the LAN interface, R2 removes the Layer 2 header received from the serial link and attaches a new Ethernet header before transmitting the packet.

Which type of static route is configured with a greater administrative distance to provide a backup route to a route learned from a dynamic routing protocol? Explain: There are four basic types of static routes. Floating static routes are backup routes that are placed into the routing table if a primary route is lost.

A summary static route aggregates several routes into one, reducing the of the routing table. Standard static routes are manually entered routes into the routing table. Default static routes create a gateway of last resort. Explain: The C in a routing table indicates an interface that is up and has an IP address assigned. The S in a routing table signifies that a route was installed using the ip route command.

Two of the routing table entries shown are static routes to a specific destination the The other entry S The entry with the 0. Explain: OSPF has an administrative distance ofso the floating static route must have an administrative distance higher than Because the target network is Explain: A floating static route needs to have an administrative distance that is greater than the administrative distance of the active route in the routing table.

To be a backup route the floating static route must have an administrative distance greater than 90 and have a next hop address corresponding to the serial interface IP address of Branch1.

Compared with dynamic routes, what are two advantages of using static routes on a router? Choose two. Explain: Static routes are manually configured on a router. Static routes are not automatically updated and must be manually reconfigured if the network topology changes. Thus static routing improves network security because it does not make route updates among neighboring routers.

Static routes also improve resource efficiency by using less bandwidth, and no CPU cycles are used to calculate and communicate routes. Explain: RIPv1 is a classful routing protocol, meaning it will automatically convert the subnet ID that was entered into the classful address of What is the administrative distance value that indicates the route for R2 to reach the Explain: In the R2 routing table, the route to reach network Explain: If the best match is a level 1 ultimate route then the router will forward the packet to that network.

Level 1 parent route is a route that contains subnets and is not used to forward packets.We will update answers for you in the shortest time. Thank you! We truly value your contribution to the website. Explain: Fault tolerant networks limit the impact of a failure because the networks are built in a way that allows for quick recovery when such a failure occurs.

These networks depend on multiple or redundant paths between the source and destination of a message. A scalable network can expand quickly to support new users and applications without impacting the performance of the service being delivered to existing users. Quality of service QoS is a mechanism for managing congestion and ensuring reliable delivery of content to all users.

Explain: QoS mechanisms enable the establishment of queue management strategies that enforce priorities for different categories of application data.

CCNA 2 v6.0 Final Exam Answers 2019 – Routing & Switching Essentials

Thus, this queuing enables voice data to have priority over transaction data, which has priority over web data. These services are available on-demand and delivered economically to any device anywhere in the world without compromising security or function. BYOD is about end users having the freedom to use personal tools to access information and communicate across a business or campus network.

Powerline networking is a trend for home networking that uses existing electrical wiring to connect devices to the network wherever there is an electrical outlet, saving the cost of installing data cables. Explain: Most operating systems contain a shell and a kernel. The kernel interacts with the hardware and the shell interfaces between the kernel and the users.

The other methods support authentication but not encryption.

ccna exam answers

Explain: The wrong mode of operation is being used. The CLI prompt indicates that the mode of operation is global configuration. IP addresses must be configured from interface configuration mode, as indicated by the SanJose config-if prompt. Tab completes the remainder of parameters or arguments within a command.

To exit from configuration mode to privileged mode use the Ctrl-Z keystroke. CTRL-R will redisplay the line just typed, thus making it easier for the user to press Enter and reissue the ping command. Explain: Telnet accesses a network device through the virtual interface configured with the line VTY command. The password configured under this is required to access the user EXEC mode.CCNA Dump.

Monitoring the status of a device is really helpful, especially in troubleshooting issues. Almost all devices have their own method to provide log information about the usage of devices. Administrators use these logs to find the solutions to troubleshoot the issues caused by devices.

In nowadays, high availability and redundancy is one of the most important factor to enhance the productivity and reputation of an organization. The redundancy can be applied at the various levels such as Server level, Disk-level, and even the network device-level.

There are many ways to interconnect routers. One of the most popular and traditional way to interconnect routers on a WAN network is using the Serial interfaces. Frame-relay is a WAN technology that supports up to Nowadays it is not so much popular and heavily replaced by the latest technologies such as ATM. NAT enhances the security of the network by hiding the actual IP information from the external users.

The external users see the translated IP addresses rather than actual IP addresses. This is also called masking. Access Control List ACL is a security feature that allows you to filter the network traffic based on configured statements. An ACL can be used to filter either inbound or outbound traffic on an interface. However, spanning-tree sometime can also create a problem for your network.

For example, suppose you have a server that is connected into your switch. Network loop can create a huge problem in a network. You can control to access your switch port. For example, you can control who can access a specific interface of a switch or how many devices could be connected to a specific switch interface. There is a feature called Switch Port Security that allow you to do so.

Etherchannel is a technique that allows you to combine multiple Ethernet switch ports in to a single logical port. Thus help you to combine bandwidth of all port and provide redundancy in case of a single port failure.This course introduces the architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the Internet and other computer networks.

The principles and structure of IP addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations are introduced to provide a foundation for the curriculum. By the end of the course, students will be able to build simple LANs, perform basic configurations for routers and switches, and implement IP addressing schemes. Students who complete Introduction to Networks will be able to perform the following functions:.

Will Cisco track the exam during final exam? Pls help me with this asap. Today I had the cisco chapter 1 exam. The exam had 54 questions. Just one of them was different. The other 53 questions were absolutely the same. Thank you very much. Good luck for the others. Hello Admin. First Thank you very much for working on this website then the site layout is not responding to the windows screen Google chrrome. I think having the online tests with random question order and answer order would be a really good feature to have.

Thank you, you beautiful and empathetic human geniuses! Thank you in advance. Am doing CCNA 1 exam by start of june. Share Tweet Share Pin it. Inline Feedbacks. Chapter 10 simulation is not working. Awesome stuff here anyway, thank you!

ccna exam answers

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ccna exam answers

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CCNA 1: Introduction to Networks v5.1 + v6.0 Exams Answers 2019

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